Heavy Duty Towing Services in Stockton, CA

Towing Stockton will meet your towing and roadside assistance requirements and provide you with the solutions and assistance that you need. Our qualified towing operators will make sure you get the service you need, come rain or shine, any time of the day or night.

As a well-established towing company in Stockton, CA we know what it takes to make sure that your car, or equipment, is safely towed to where you need it to be. From the moment you call us to the moment your car reaches its destination, your vehicle will be in good hands. Our main objective is to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Safe, Dependable & Cost-Efficient Heavy Duty Towing Services

Our team of professional towing operators makes sure that every job we perform is completed with the highest level of care.

At Towing Stockton, we work with operators who have been trained and are highly skilled at what they do. Our operators all live up to the company’s core values, and that is why our customers come back to us time after time.

We have the know-how, the equipment, and the fleet to provide high-quality heavy-duty towing services. No matter what type of vehicle or equipment you want to be hauled, we will get the tow done for you.

Our heavy-duty towing services include towing of:

·         Trucks·         Boats

·         Trailers

·         Shipping containers

·         SUVs

·         Semis

·         Box Trucks

·         RVs

·         Motor graders

·         trenchers


·         Buses·         Dump trucks

·         Cement trucks

·         Garbage trucks

·         Tractors

·         Bulldozers

·         Excavators

·         Loaders

·         Heavy machinery

·         And more!


If you need to have a vehicle or any type of heavy equipment towed that is not on this list, give us a call.

When it comes to heavy-duty towing, we provide emergency towing services, for example, if your heavy-duty vehicle has unexpectedly broken down or been in an accident. Whatever the condition of your vehicle our operators will be able to recover it and tow it to the garage of your choice.

Most towing of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment is scheduled in advance. If you are a heavy machinery rental company and need to have some of your equipment transported to a new work site, Towing Stockton is the company to call to have your equipment towed in a safe, efficient, and affordable manner that will fit in with your time table.

Our specialists are experienced in these kinds of tows. We’ll discuss your needs and plan the tow accordingly. Once we have received all the information we need that is relevant to this job (for example, dates for pick up and delivery, distance, type and size of the equipment to be towed, etc.) we’ll give you an affordable price quote for the heavy-duty towing of your equipment.

 Why Call Towing Stockton?

If you need any type of towing service in the Stockton, CA area, Towing Stockton is the local trusted towing company to call. We are a fully insured local towing company that provides a wide range of towing services, including heavy-duty towing as well as a range of emergency roadside assistance and auto locksmith solutions. Whether you’re in need of a long-distance tow or a car jumpstart, all our services are performed with safety, efficiency, and quality as our top priorities.

Towing Stockton offers a 24/7 solution to any roadside problems you may run into. We are always available to help, and we’ll dispatch an operator to provide emergency assistance as soon as we get your call. When it comes to towing services, a fast, dependable arrival time is the name of the game.
We offer a broad spectrum of towing and roadside assistance services, including:

We understand how important your vehicles and equipment are to you. You can be sure that we will make certain that your vehicle receives unsurpassed care, throughout the entire towing and recovery process.

To learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment to discuss towing your heavy equipment, call Towing Stockton today at (209) 279-5022.